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We are a team of translators which covers several fields of translations - from technical translations to specialized, legal and journalistic texts. However, we primarily focus on technical translations, such as handbooks, manuals, user's guides, and localization of software applications and websites.

Our experience in this area ensures that the result text you obtain will conform with today's standardards from every point of view. Whether it is grammar, contents or graphic appearance, our aim is to provide you the best. This is the reason, why many of our clients turn to us repeatedly with their orders.

Except standard translations of various documents there is an increased demand for electronic processing of translations using tools for computer assisted translation (CAT) and translation memories (TMs). This area is developing continuously and we cannot tail off. Our specialization on technical translation is directly related to the usage of such tools, which offer various advantages, including uniformity of terminology, repeatability, batch processing, faster and more exact translations, exact assessment of the volume of translated materials and statistics. This ensures compatibility of the processed materials in all phases of translation - from order to the translation proper to proofreading to final processing to publishing.

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